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So ... as of April 8, 2005, my condo, pictured below was turned over to the person who bought it. Subsequent to that (and currently), I've been crashing at Jason's place - upstairs from my old condo (which was on the 5th floor). At any rate, so began the house search which ended in my purchase of a townhouse in the heart of Little Italy. I gain possession of it at the end of November and will commence the renovation. Click here for the 'before' scouting pics. And you just know some more 'after' and 'during' photos will follow. Ciao ... Pro (17 November, 2005 - 8:20pm)

My how time flies ... Pro's Place is in Little Italy, and - as I'm reminded by reading the above paragraph, it's been here for some time. The long pondered and talked about renovation is underway. As things progress, I'll post some progress Shots. I'll reorganize this page when it's al done. So, in the name of nostalgia - I'll leave the pics of my old (now 3 years ago) condo from the "Entertainment District" days. Ciao .. Pro (7 May 2008 - 11:16pm)

It starts with the kitchen.




View from the balcony ... day and night




Sketch of Pro's Place 1996; 317 Grace Street, Basement Apartment

Sketch of Pro's Place 1994; 564 Spadina Circle, Apartment


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