... this is a mud pie


What is a mud pie?


Japanese design (as it was explained in this Japanese Design Retrospective Show I saw in Philadelphia, back in '94) was broken out as embracing five characteristics; Asymmetry, Compactness, Simplicity, Craftsmanship and Humour.

Each of the characteristics was paralleled with ancient passages from Zen Buddhist Anthology, Zenrin Kushu, 1688. They are as follows;

Asymmetry - "the first stem, the second, crooked; the third, the fourth slanted"

Compactness - "store the whole world in a grain of millet, boil the mountains & rivers in a two quart pot"

Simplicity - "one moon shows in every pool; in every pool the one moon"

Craftsmanship - "mountain flowers, like brocade; valley water brimming, indigo"

Humour - "throw mud pies at everyone"


I think we are sorely deficient in the humour department ... I take every opportunity I can to throw mud pies at everyone I can, I don't discriminate.

Throw mud pies at everyone.

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